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- Individual Transformational Coaching

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More than a Personal Coach...

Have you had a health issue, a loss of a relationship or a missed career promotion or it’s just a new stage of your life or other challenges?

If you feel like you’ve lost your brilliant, best self, your self-confidence and self-belief have taken a dive and you are struggling to stay motivated, we can help with our coaching & consulting!

Katarina’s passion is to share techniques and tools with individuals who want to realise their brilliant selves!


She helps people “live the life they imagined” by assisting them to further develop their skills, beliefs and habits. This drives people to achieve better results, and to reach their potential.

Don’t wait for things to change….let go of limiting habits, behaviours and beliefs.

Coaching assists clients to:

· Clarify what they want in life and set goals

· Take more decisive actions and develop improved habits.

· Manage change effectively.

· Better manage life transitions such as starting a new career, life post separation/divorce or approaching retirement.

· Unlock your full potential and rebuild your brilliance

Don’t wait for things to change - let go of limiting beliefs and habits now!

Three coaching options are offered to suit your specific needs:

· 8 week coaching program to begin rebuilding your brilliance and start to transform your life. Each session is guided by what is presented and where you are currently. I will provide a tool/tip/skill that will leverage best what you can do to take you onto the next step and set the direction for achieving your goals.

· Half day breakthrough coaching experience to deep dive into resolving a single area of your life.

· One off 60-90 minute personal

coaching/mentoring to address a single burning issue.

Each program is delivered in a very individualised way that meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go and what is it that you want to achieve.

Coaching is done via phone, zoom or in person depending on location and Covid restrictions.

Book an obligation free discovery call with Katarina to discuss the best option for you.

Image by Dylan Gillis
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