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Organisational Coaching & Consulting


Time For Revolution

Kick Your Business Into Overdrive

Coaching - for individuals and teams, consulting and facilitating, and presenting are the core service areas of support we offer to organisations and their teams.

Our results-focused approach delivers solutions that are tailored to your organisation’s objectives, strengths, challenges, and culture.

Coaching For Teams & Individuals

Individual organisational coaching focuses on what specific results clients want to achieve the most, such as:

· Leadership development

· Career development

· Productivity performance

We help to build their brilliance and achieve both personal and business goals.


Team Coaching is available for teams to help:

· Further enhance team performance

· Resolve conflict

· Achieve more successful outcomes

Consulting Services

Katarina has a breadth of experience in consulting and coaching in organisations to achieve their business objectives through developing their human resource specialising in Leadership Development, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Performance Enhancement and Capability Development.  

Katarina has developed Senior Executive Leadership Capability framework and associated leadership programs to develop internal leadership pipelines. Katarina is a recipient of an Australia Day Award medal for her contribution to training in the Australian Federal Government. 

Facilitating & Presenting

Assisting your organisation to deliver results, continuous improvement and enhance performance are the key outcomes in facilitating and presenting. We facilitate at both a strategic and operational team level to build brilliant teams and organisations and achieve your business outcomes. 


Areas of facilitating and presenting include:

· Team building and development workshops

· Strategic and Business planning workshops

· Employee engagement meetings

· Cross-functional team building and meetings

· Building Resilience

· Leading with Emotional Intelligence

· Leader as a Coach

· Change Management

· Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

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